Some asiatics start-ups decided to invade the world with new free-floating bike without warning several month ago.
The streets of big citys were full of those bike and pollute the public space.
All those industry was made to spy all your deplacement to feed the big data, they absolutly don't care about sharing and ecology.
All those bikes were finally destroy by angry people, those bike were not repair, some of start-up collapse themselves and leave all their broken bike on the street.
So, I decide to save some of them like this one. Gobee bike was the first free floating start-up to invade Paris. And the first to collapse too. Here is what it looks like before customisation.

And after...

Hard to drive at the first time but after some improvements it is very fun to drive. Sraping on asphalt is like surfing :)
Build of here
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Apr 14, 2015
Very cool modern day low rider love it . Keep in mind your first picture is the one that will be featured in the voting booth .

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