Final Specs?

I am just curious on how some of these beauties spec out, is anybody else?
Sometime this weekend, hopefully, I want to try to figure out:
Overall length
Ground clearance
Seat height
Overall height
Weight (without rider)
And any other interesting measurements

Is anybody else as curious on these things as I am? It might paint a better picture on some of these bikes and how much some of us altered them in the name of rat rodding ;)
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Nov 22, 2011
iAM HIGGINS Parts List, Components & Source:

ICT Trader - 52 J C Higgins frame, fork, chain guard, fenders, crank and stem
Electra - Nexus 3 speed 23T cog wheelset
Donor Bike - Brooks B67 saddle
CABE - Persons pedals
LBS - 46T chainring
LBS - Schwinn repop rack
Antique Shop - Microwave cookie press conversion battery compartment
Swap Meet - Model T spotlight - 12V LED bulb conversion with blue dot
LBS- HBBC suicide shifter kit
Custom fab painted pine tank with copper pipe header fittings
Hobby Lobby - Tiny Lites LED lighting harness for headers
LBS - chrome fender trim
eBay - "hood ornament" at headlight
Swap Meet - bullet light converted to LED from pocket flashlight
REI - CST 26x2.35 tires and tubes
LBS - Origin8 light mounts
Swap meet - towel rack doodads at front fender stays
Walmart - Bell LED running lights
LBS - Nirve CNC grips
LBS - Wald bars
Custom fab 3/4" copper pipe crossbar
Antique Shop - Archer NOS AM bicycle radio with mounting bracket
Finesse Pinstriping Inc - Stripper Pinstriping stencil tape
Rust- Oleum - Ultracover paint, Navajo White, Kahki, Paprika
Xmas - New Belgium valve stem caps
Amazon - Pletscher double leg kickstand
LBS - KMC red/black cruiser chain
AutoZone - Blue Dots
HD & True Value - nuts and bolts, various hardware

Many of these items were in my parts stash at start of build.
LBS = Porkchoppd Custom Bicycles & Tom Sawyer Bicycle Shop.

Cost? Priceless? No, everything has a price...offers?
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Nov 17, 2012
Broken Hill, Australia
Ok, I will jump in with specs for the "Joker"

Total length: 62" - 1575mm
Ground clearance, lowest point: Chainring: 8" - 200mm
Seat height: 36.5" - 925mm
Overall height, highest point: Grips: 42.5" - 1080mm
Total weight: 35.5lbs - 16.1kg
Wheelbase: 41.5" - 1060mm

Total cost as best I can figure going through every part including donor bikes: $257 Aud.