finished my motorized schwinn!!!

hay all! i finally finished this thing! i been havin a lot of fun breakin in the motor around the neighborhood. for size reference i'm 5'7", it's a 26" schwinn w/ 24" wheels and a 24" rattle trap fork. this is my first attempt at a motorized project, i have 2 other rollin chassis ready for motors, i'll keep one of those and sell the other 2. i used the spindle and chainring off of a 20" lowrider so that i could put the motor as low in the frame as possible.... but then i had to cut the exhause pipe and bend it in cuz in dragged on the ground. i also had 2 sets of v-brake adaptros welded to the frame cuz these rims arent a coaster brake set, they have machine bearings inside of heavy gauge spokes and doulbe walled rims.

fast eddie
i bought that motor already mounted in another bike, i dont know where the seller got it but it was new when he bought it/mounted it in the toher bile. it runs alright, the choke has to be set jjjuuussttt right and it's touchy, but it runs well when that set right, im still breakin in the motor so i havent taken it far on any one ride,
Aug 11, 2012
Nice Schwinn ride! Just purchased an old Worksman INB frame. Going to build a Board Track/Cafe Racer with Denardis 50cc engine. Monarch HD fork, tank, dyno front hub for lights if I go out after dark. I plan to post pictures as I progress.
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