Fire arrow, 2nd try...

Feb 25, 2009
What year is yours? I just picked up a '58. Did yours come with a 2 speed bendix manual hub?

Finished, adjusted and ridden!
Another fun bike in the stable
started with this
added some of this
and ended up with this
big thanks to RRB member tucktuck, if he didn't sell me a nice straight frame for a great price this bike would not have been built. Thanks also to Ian for the awesome grips, and to everyone here for the kind words and inspiration. It's been a pleasure watching all these amazing bikes come together, the creativity here is unbelievable!
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Sep 19, 2012
Nick this frame is a 56, not sure what the original one was I never checked. It did come with a bendix 2 speed but no shifter or cable and the hub is wicked rusty. I do have one of those hubs on another bike and they're pretty simple if you need a hand with it
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