For Fun - Thrift Store Find

Sep 2, 2008
Hola peoples,

I thought some of you might like to see this .. maybe it might inspire some of you.

I found a 20" bike at the thrift store when I was looking for bike parts. It is called a space star by Woolco.. distributed by Woolworth's. Got it for $3.00 so.. it will be a project for a later date.



That's cool. Makes me wanna go find a stand up space invaders game and toss some change in it.

The ol'lady and I were just talking about woolworths the other day.

Got fond memories of the soda stand they had in the one my grandma took me to as a kid.

Cool piece of history and your lbs deserves a sixer or a fat steak for that one
Jun 26, 2011
i have one of thez bikes i found it in my friends back lawn. i love riding it around its fun to ride il post a pic of it. i redid the hole bike. but its still all stock parts besides tires n rims the old rims incaved.