[FOUND] Schwinn Town & Country Tri Wheeler-style conversion rear end

Nov 24, 2019
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
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Looking to buy or trade for a 1960s/1970s Schwinn Town & Country Tri Wheeler conversion rear axle, or something similar. I bought this trike thinking I could use the conversion rear end for a custom trike build I want to do, but it won't work, as it requires a set of regular bike hubs and wheels to work.


I want to put a set of Cragars or something similar on the rear axles, but the only way to do that is if the coaster brake hub is separate from the wheels, like what you see on this Schwinn.


I don't need the bike, the basket, or even the wheels, really, but I want the complete axle assembly with the bolt-on frame for the basket, and the coaster brake hub. I'd prefer to have a 3-speed coaster brake hub, but I may take a single-speed if the price is right or if I'm able to trade for it. I have a number of parts, some common, some not so much, and I have a couple bikes I'd trade, one of them being the trike shown above. I may not be able to jump onto any deals until a couple weeks from now, or if I can sell/trade some stuff beforehand, but I'll definitely be open to offers.