Free, Schwinn, Peugeot mixte, Huffy MUST PICK UP

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  1. wahwah1013


    Apr 25, 2016
    I have some bikes I need to get rid of. I'd rather give them away that throw them away. They are free to anyone who wants them. My only stipulation is you MUST TAKE ALL OF THEM.
    Bikes are a
    Green 1968 Schwinn Collegiate. I'm keeping the rims, fenders, seat and grips. Everything else is there and pretty clean.
    White Peugeot P18C MIXTE. I'm keeping the rims. Everything else is there. Chain is shot and so to is the front derailleur, I believe. It's pretty rust but may be usable. It has drop bars on it.
    Blue ladies Huffy Omni 10 - pretty complete. Doesn't have a seat post or clamp. The rims on this will most likely work on the Schwinn. Both are 26' 1 3/8 5 speed. The Schwinn has a steal frame, obliviously. So you should be able to make them work and as an upside you don't have use the "S" tires.
    Bocas B-150 24 inch bike. Frame only on this. There isn't much on the internet about this bike. It's a German city bike, What it was doing in my my small town in Michigan I have no idea. But it's a really nice bike for what it is -- it's just a 24".

    Bikes are located in the lower thumb area of Michigan and they must be picked up. Just shoot me a message if you want them.

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