Fritz Forty?

Sep 7, 2014
Columbus OH
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I saw this on the local CL, and I think I remember the Fritz Forty as a build off bike here some years ago. Anyone remember?
It was Scribble...all the pic links are dead though..

I realize Hawaii isn't a cheap life, but 1000 bucks seems a bit pricey. :wondering:
Those were like $500 new and with all those parts he's probably got close to that in it but yeah he's out of his mind.
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Oct 15, 2008
Crystal Beach, TX
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My son lived in Mililani a few years. He is back on the continent now. I only visited him once in Mililani.
-I would not pay a grand for a muscle bike unless you could document the originality of all the parts. Otherwise, its just a fun bike.
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