Full Tilt

May 1, 2007
Ok, shes not a rat. But, she does look pretty in these pics! :) (Hope posting more than ones ok!)

Looking forward to seeing the new look site.

Dec 27, 2006
Houston, TX
Elliott, check out the "cartoon" style shot of your bike in my RRD's Remix thread. I think it's cool looking done that way.

Hope you enjoy it.

Great looking ride, by the way.

May 1, 2007
Thanks for the approval guys. :)

basscadetz - I wish I could claim that I made the frame, but its built by Sam McKay of Firebikes. I just love the lines. She has taken me two years to get her looking like that though, this is what she looked like in the early days...

RatRodDad - nice rework of the image, looks great! :D

I would put pics up of my heavy modded Electra Basic.... but someone stole her last week. :(

I'll do an Intro soon.

Anyway, thanks again guys.

Mar 21, 2007
Maple Ridge B.C. Canada
The more I look at the pic's the more I see :shock:

I love were the fenders sit

the handle bars just fit the style of the bike......it just right! Nice bike!

love to see the other when you are up for it :D
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