Am I the only one that is already dreaming about BOX (I submit for Build off 10)??
My plan came to me last night in a moment of great clarity...now it is killing me that I can't touch the thing until next May! At least I can formulate a plan and gather materials. That is legal, right? To collect things for it as long as nothing is pre-assembled? Just want to make sure...
I cannot wait to see what crazy creations people come up with next year! And, some people were diggin' what I put together in 10 days...I can't wait to show what I can do with a few months! LOL
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Sep 14, 2013
Bradley Illinoiz
Start dreaming brother...
You're either in the BOX or out of the BOX....
maybe something outside of the box for in the BOX
(sounds like something from Fox in Socks...:43:)
All I know is my BOX rocks...:rockout:

Merle. :crazy: < Has been thinking about it Bofften....

We also have a MBBO#3 (muscle bikes) coming up and the WBO (winter bo)
check those out, not as many competitors...

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Jun 22, 2014
Lol /\ made me think of Dr Seuss.

I'm a bit upset with myself the bike I'm building would have made a great muscle bike bo build. Oh well that's what I get for not thinking ahead.
Maybe I can get in on another build off later on.
Aug 21, 2013
In the box you have certain restrictions.
Outside the box, you have other restrictions imposed by not doing whats in the box.

The third type of thought, is not actually acknowledging that a box exists, and just doing what comes to you.

I already know exactly what I am doing for "BOX" =)
Infact, I've been assembling "parts" for it for awhile now.

I'll be doing more stuff that I have not seen anyone do before again.
If its called Botox does that mean the bills would not be able to have wrinkles
You just can't smile or blink during the build...just look surprised until it wears off. lol
The only problem with BOX is you can't search for words smaller than 4 letters on the forum search. Maybe BOTEN? Or how about we combine the two and call it BOTOX
Just trying to INJECT a little humor. :p
How about BOXTOP:
Build Off Ten: Top Online Pageant

I'm really grasping at straws now. LOL
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