Gas Pipe Special

I'd first like to say what an amazing collection of bikes in the build off this year! The workmanship and variety is astounding and I'm proud just to be amongst such talented builders. If it wasn't for this site I'd still be obsessively polishing a re-built straight-bar and thinking the mountain bikes were the only way to get around.

This morning I took the 'Gas Pipe Special' out for it's first ride on a gravel maintenance road for the local train track, a path I normally use my mountain bike on, and I couldn't believe how smooth the ride was. I just glided over the potholes that normally give my hard-tail a good workout. I'm really loving this bike!!!

Anyway, here are the photos (my camera is on it's last legs so I took a lot to make sure some came out right):

My favorite shot:

These are the loading doors for a Toronto Transit Commission transformer:

This has been a lot of fun and I already have ideas for my next build.

Good luck to everyone in the build, the bikes are amazing!!!!
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Cheers for the comments guys :)

Forgot to add the specs this morning:

Frame: 1950 Schwinn Hornet
Forks: 1950 Schwinn Hornet Springer with a repro spring (the original was too soft and compressed an inch just with the weight of the bike alone)
Wheels: Generic rims from a Schwinn Cruiser-4
Tires: Brooklyn Speedway
Gears: Shimano Nexus 4
Seat: Brooks B-66
Seatpost: Steel natural gas pipe and elbows from Home Hardware
Crank: Original 1950's with a repro BMX 36 tooth sproket (hub gearing too high to run the original Lucky Seven - I gots hills)
Pedals: Schwinn Bear Traps
Stem: Custom painted Easton EA-30 stem with a 1" threaded to 1 1/8" threadless converter
Bars: Custom painted Nitto track bars, chopped 2" on each side
Tank Insert: Cedar (have to replace the top of my garden bench - see build)
Tool Bag: 1943 leather ammo pouch
Hood Ornament: Skull - plastic, wind up