GLENDERSON - [winter build off]

Thanks chaps :)

Sadly, I did not get to the hot rod display.

I phoned a bloke last Monday to come and look at my car and by Friday, he still hadn't showed up, so I phoned him again. He said he would come Saturday morning (today), so I waited and hoped he would be gone by about 10 am and the drizzle would clear and I could bike into town before the display ended at 12:30pm. No such luck... he didn't show up at all and the drizzle eased about midday.

Oh well, perhaps next year o_O

Glenderson will get finised eventually... probably :39:

yeah, slap a back tire on it and call it a gravity bike...

Ha ha... yeah... she weighs a ton so will needs lots of gravity :p However, I will need to invent some sort of anti-gravity device to negate the effect of the gravity so I can stop it easily with my feet... yes, that's right, no effective brakes yet.

Does the bike have to be stopable to enter? o_O Rideable is mentioned... but not stopable :blush:

Well... here it is "finished" for now...

The brake doesn't work, but it actually rides pretty well. The handlebars need to be wider so my knees don't hit and the gear levers touch my legs a bit... so I have to ride with my legs apart a bit :blush:

Just going to check the riding video now and if it's ok, will post a link later...


EDIT: Here is the ride video...

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