Green With Envy- A 1955 Huffy Rat

Aug 29, 2010
Davenport, Iowa
Well here is my first ever Rat Rod Bikes Build Off entry. Hope you enjoy.....

Break down of the bike is as follows:
Frame 1955 24in boys Huffy covered in green paint but probably originally a white bicycle
Fenders 1946 24in girls Hawthorne Originally white painted but now a beautiful patina'd finish
Skip tooth chainring driving a New Departure model D coaster brake rear hub
Spinning up front is a New Departure Model W
Custom made straight bars capped with brown Hunt Wilde grips take care of the steering
Long spring Lobdell saddle in bare patina'd steel provides a perch on top of a lucky 7 seat post
Blockless Wald pedals transfer leg power to the cranks
And the rubber on the road is a pair of grey Golden Dragon 24x2.125s
The starting point on the day I bought the bike:

Here is the build thread for all that want to see the progress photos:
And here are some of my favorite views of this bike-
Just little bit of original finish showing thru on the fenders

The low and laid back seat adds a bit more room for me on this 24incher

These narrow home made bars are a bit different in comparison to the cruiser bars I am used, but make for some fun handling

Have to keep it ol' skool with the skippy crank and chain

I had fun finding some neat places to take pictures around town and here are my favorites

These are bronze statues at the park near my house

It looks like they enjoyed seeing the bike and one even wanted to go for a ride

Aug 29, 2010
Davenport, Iowa
Thinking about have some striping done this weekend at the Flying Eyeball Reunion. Will post pics when done. Anyone interested in seeing it in person can see it at the show.