Help ID my childhood bicycle

Feb 7, 2013
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Hello everyone. I was directed to this site by an acquaintance that recommended that i post up pics of my first bicycle here to get some help with id'ing it. Sadly i no longer have the bicycle but if i can find out what it was then maybe i can look for another one. In doing a little online research my guess was going to be a Schwinn Sting-Ray, maybe a Junior. The only thing is the two-tone paint is throwing that guess off. I haven't come across a red and yellow Sting-Ray picture yet or any two-tone Sting-Rays for that matter. Here are the only two pictures i have found in the box of old pictures i got from my Mom. I hope someone can help me out. Oh, yeah.... the pictures date from 1970 or 1971, i can't remember for sure if i was 5 or 6 when i got it. Thanks!



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Aug 31, 2009
Historic Savannah
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Not a Schwinn. Definitely built by Murray (pointy dropouts).
Similar fade paint job as the Sears Screamers and other bikes.
Maybe one of the many different Sears Spyders.
Actually looking at the headbadge, I don't think it is a Sears. That may be a Western Flyer headbadge. (Murray made bikes for all of the stores).

Welcome to RRB by the way. I think I used to have that same striped shirt. 8)


Mar 9, 2007
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Similar frame / paint to this Murray wildcat iii

Could be a different brand name or model name but I think this is your bike.
Jan 21, 2009
Zambales, Philippines
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I agree, a Murray made bike. A wildcat maybe. The sprocket looks like a Murray as do the forks. I zoomed in on it and it looks like a BMI sticker on the upper seat tube, so 71 is probably the year. The headbadge doesn't look like a Western Flyer either, it's too round on the corners, but it's hard to tell from the pictures. Was the bike bought from a hardware store or dept store? They may have put their name on it. Was there a Western Auto store nearby back then?
Dec 11, 2011
Central Ohio
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Sorry, based on your screen name, I couldn't resist! LOL!

First thing I thought of when I saw that picture was Murray Wildcat, since I have one:

I believe that paint scheme was a few years earlier than mine, and I think I determined mine was a 75, first year for the new style foil head badge sticker. Before that there was a similar one with different text, and before that I think there was one with a checkerboard type background? (typing from memory...)

I think that bike is probably a 71.
Feb 7, 2013
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Sorry i've been absent for so long. The pictures of the Murray Wildcat sure look like that is probably what it was. There was a Western Auto fairly close by. I need to ask my parents...... i mean Santa :lol: if they remember where they got it. I appreciate the help with the i.d.!
Feb 7, 2013
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Does anyone have one a Murray Wildcat for sale or know anyone who does? Early 70's model. I'd like to get one and start riding with the local bike club. Please email me at lawrence7718 at gmail dot com as i'm not on here that often.

Jul 11, 2020
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i have the EXACT same bike. i post pics soon
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