heres my intro


Feb 17, 2007
hollister ca
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hey the names justin and im 15 . i love bikes and volkswagens , ive always been into bikes , i currently race bmx and i also ride street and park. but i also love old skool bikes wether its a cruiser or an old stingray, i also like my bikes to be a little ratty around the edges, i currently have a pretty big fleet of bikes,8 complete bikes and way to much parts . i have an fbm aron ross signature bike, a 1999 GT pro race bike , an old 80s GT performer,a schwinn 26inch cruiser, and an old 70s KIA i believe,(this is my rattiest bike),a 1979 mongoose , an 80s diamondback race bike, some odd chrome bike ,and a ton of parts, i also love to weld , i weld everything , if i get bored ill go out and find some old metal and just weld it together for no reason. i actually tought my self to weld, i bought a welder with some money i saved up , put it together , and went and got an old vw rim and started welding on it, and now id say im a pretty good welder. :mrgreen: . i just recently found this site,i dont no were tho, but i love it.ive been hangin out over on the volksrods forum for awhile , but never had anyone to talk bikes with, this is great. :!:
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welcome JC...
we have a few Volksrod guys here in British Columbia...

sounds like you have a pretty nice collection of
I used to Race a Factory Kuwahara..and my Flat Land Bike was a Mongoose..way back in the Mid 80's..
that Mongoose was as tough as nails!
I couldn't bend that thing if I tried
...and I tried A LOT! :lol: :lol: :lol:

and I can't wait to see the photo's.
specially the G.T. and The Mongoose...

welcome aboard....
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Hey justin, im ricky, im 16 i collect old schwinns, i got a 69 schwinn panther, a 52 hornet and 2 other schwinns well 3.. i got the spitfire typhoon, and oh yeah my moms holly wood.. Haha I love bikes. I been here for LIKE a week its a great site man. Have fun. See ya around Oh yeah im lookin forward 2 see pics of ur bikes. Yeah.. 8)