Hg Quicksilver ~~~~~~FINISHED!!!!!

Re: Mudcury now "Hg 80" or "Hg Quicksilver"

Well I'm finished sanding down the frame! It looks real good...now to strip the fork of its paint, and the paint someone sprayed over the new crank I'm going to use! I forgot to take pics so I should have some up tomorrow!
Re: Mudcury now "Hg 80" or "Hg Quicksilver"

Well things got pretty hectic around here....anyways here it is! I finished it :mrgreen:

Got some new ideas but it I knew it would flow!

Got new red wall tires and a new rear wheel...then mocked her up!

Night fell pretty quickly but I was determined to get her done today.

Got the handlebars on and those nice bright red BMX grips by ODI

She's looking real good

Quick jump to finish lol but got some red pedals and chain to top off the dogleg crank I put on and a nice sprocket

Probably my favorite pic right here:

I was so tired! And didn't even change out of my work clothes! I work for the phillies baseball academy 8)

Well there's my first build-off bike! I'm very pleased with the results and I hope some of you agree!!! :mrgreen:
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