How 'bout some SKA?

Sep 27, 2007
sac. valley
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'SHUT UP SKA BOY!!!'(chrimpshrine from i think.....quit talking claude)used to always see op ivy when the played chico(matts the one who showed me how to play bass :mrgreen: ) yeah the specials are great but what about madness?the english beat?
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To add, General Public had some good songs, a lesser known band called the Skatalites, an even lesser known band from Tucson called Dave's Big Deluxe that was great in the 90s.

I was really heavy into Ska in the mid-90s before it died out. Ska was sort of underground but really cool. The whole swing craze kind of drowned out the Ska scene at that time when swing got mainstream and whatnot with Squirrel Nut Zippers and Zuit Suit Riot and all that crap. A lot of Ska bands were doing crossover or combined shows with swing bands because the group of fans were sort of similar, kids in funky old clothes and zuit suits. Suddenly all these nerdy swing kids were showing up to the ska shows and ska bands were even doing some swing or swing-like numbers trying to cash in on the mainstream money.

I miss those days before everything went downhill, cruising in my VW Bus with a 350W system and 7 speakers blaring the Specials and old live sets of The Police from the late 70s. :D 8)
Nov 27, 2007
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necessaryevil said:
I'm not a big ska listener but love Voodoo Glow Skulls.
YEAH!!!!!!! i was way more into the spanish version!!!! hahahahhahahaha they had this song called "shoot the moon" and in spanish its "lanzar la luna" i used to LOVE that song!!!!
Feb 5, 2008
Davie, Florida
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I didn't get into the 90's resurgence, but I've been to quite a few shows. A band I played in shared the stage with the amazing Bim Skala Bim from Boston, and we played several shows with Against All Authority.

Buster Bloodvessel is the king.
Jun 23, 2007
Coeur d'Alene, ID
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okay, here's some....wait for it....drum roll....Christian Ska?!?!?!
O.C.Supertones ... re=related ... re=related

the Insyderz they are a little skacore, but still ska totally lame video, but great music ... re=related ... re=related

Five Iron Frenzy they are actually from Denver. They helped start Scum of the Earth church ... re=related ... re=related

the W's kinda swingy, but a little bit ska. Funny video. after watching the video, it's really swingy, but still funny.