Huffman BareFlyte

May 20, 2009
Isle of Hope, GA
Build thread:

Here's my finished entry:
It's a 1948 Huffman with a Monark-based springer.
Before I forget, I'd like to thank DoubleNickle, DonOne, kingfish and No. 15 Custom Coatings of Dallas GA for making this bike possible.

I didn't talk much during the build thread, so I'll explain the build now.
For a long time, I've wanted a bare metal bike that pays homage to the Harley bobbers of the 40s.

These were my inspiration:

Here's the result:

I chose this frame for the overall lines, the wide rear triangle that would fit a 24x3 tire and the beautiful brazing on it.

As for 'color', instead of paint, I chose different finishes and sheens to the metal.
I had everything sandblasted. Kept the raw metal with a satin clear powdercoat on the stem, bars, headlight bucket, crank and chainring.
I went over the frame,fork parts and the top section of the chainguard with 60 grit sandpaper to give it a 'brushed' finish, then I polished the brazing before having them all covered in gloss clear powdercoat.

There's a combination of brushed/raw/polished on the chainguard. I polished and gloss coated the headlight trim ring and the battery box.
The rear fender is 'old chrome', the springs on the fork and saddle are bright chrome.

To compliment the brazing, I brought more brass into the bike by replacing every bolt/nut (that wasn't structural or under stress) with brass units. The chainguard and fender are held on with brass screws, the chain adjusters were replaced with brass screws, there's even a brass cap nut on the seatpost and a brass lamp part used as a fender spacer to get the fender even all the way around the rear tire.

For parts:
Vintage Huffman AirFlyte headbadge.
Jiffy kickstand.
Huffman frame decal.
'slowriderz' lay back seat post.
Tires are Felt cream Thick Bricks front and rear.
Chain is a 'gold' (brass tone) YBN.
A converted tractor headlight that now houses an H4, 64 LED, automotive bulb powered by batteries tucked in the housing.
The tail light is an old miner's headlamp with a red lens added.
The seat is an Electra XL model.
The dogleg crank and chainring are Huffman units.
The wheelset is nothing special, just an old MTB rim up front and a single speed Shimano EB110 out back.
The stem is a modern short throw (needed to allow the headlight to sit tight to the bars)
The bars are old Columbia units with that cool curved crossbar.
To mimic the foot pegs on the motorcycles, what choice would I have other than a set of vintage Raleigh Bare Footin' pedals.
Grips are Thompson bottles.

The only 'doodad' is a stainless bottle opener turned rear fender brace

Hope you like it, now for an insane amount of shameless 'glamour shots' and detail photos. Enjoy, I know I will!

Dr. T

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Mar 26, 2012
Maplewood, MN
Doc, you have created a rat bike that is "fit to a tee"...Dr T that is! Awesome work on the frame and parts finishing, emulating of your inspiration models, the pedals as the kids say are "sick", and that shot of the bug eye headlight lens through the old rusty wheel is calendar worthy! Another fine build added to the stable....:113:
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