Hunnert Car Pileup

Jan 9, 2007
Calgary AB, Canada
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That looks like one cool get together...true Hot Rodding lives!

With the late 60's Camaros and Mustangs bringing huge bucks and anything Mopar being priced out of the working man's reach...full on custom painted duce coupes and old school rods selling for 75k plus plus plus, it's great to see a segment of Hot Rodding that is still affordable for the shrinking middle class, yet still so cool and true to what custom cars are really about or what they once WERE really about. Not purchasing agents at Barrett Jackson and cars being stored and never driven as rich people's 'investment portfolios'.

This stuff ROCKS!!!

Take time to look through the photos for the different years...that is some cool stuff! :mrgreen:
Sep 7, 2006
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looks like alot of fun and they even show some bikes! and I think thats Doll Face Striper in some of the 2006 pics
I have a couple buddies that take cars there
It makes me want to primer and torch the springs on my olds!


Mar 9, 2007
Southern Illinois
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if i had to customize it, id add a gas tank that never needed filled :mrgreen:

(wide whites and baby moons would be #2 on the list)