Hunter Cycles

May 20, 2009
Isle of Hope, GA
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Never heard of them (him) before, the site looks to be more MTB stuff and not actual bikes (unless I missed them).
The pic you posted looks like a typical ‘beach rental’ bike.

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Jul 2, 2015
Mid-Willamette Valley, Oregon
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Two different Hunters. Rick Hunter is a current custom frame builder. Hunter bicycles from the 80s/90s is a different entity. There is info on this company's history and it was a bit interesting but I don't remember enough to retell it, and now all the Rick Hunter stuff swamps any attempts to find the older info. It had something to do with trying to build better cheap bikes than the big box stores, but they ended up being Taiwan imported bikes like the ones above. They shared many parts with the Jamis Earth Cruisers and suspect they were made in the same factory. So, they were slightly better than your average big box store.