Nov 18, 2007
I haven't really been around for a few years. Most of the members names are new to me. I entered my first build off in 2008, actually two in 2008 (Kids Bike Build Off). I was an "old" man back then, and guess what, I haven't got any younger! A few years ago I lost my desire to build (anything). I got rid of just about anything bike related, except our Electra 21D's. I'm not as healthy as I was 10 years ago. Chronic problems have kept me off a bike for a while (can't sit comfortably for very long, plus AFIB, titanium knees etc.). So my wife and I started using Kickbikes (scooters) to get around for walks or nice easy rides on rail trails, a lot slower than bikes, but beats the crap out of walking. We stop for sandwiches, or coffee. We take pictures of trees, flowers, birds. Sometimes we sit on a bench and watch people ride by (OMG what happened to me!) Well I'm still KICKING (literally). I told my wife I wanted to build something. I wanted to enter a build off, bring back the "good ole days", like being the kid I was in my 50's! She was thrilled!:rolleyes: She knows I don't even have a spare tube anymore! So I'm going to enter a "bike" that will eventually end up as a scoot. I've tried this here a few years ago, just lost interest. Not this time! I gots some new meds (not for my head, for my heart)! So if you don't mind an old guy, on a pension, and social security, who may have to take time out to play BINGO...count me in!
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Apr 18, 2015
central ohio
I've learned alot from some of the older posts over the past two years I've been here, I've even used your idea of bending forks in a conduit bender... The "KOTA" fork as it's called.

Welcome back, glad to see you're still kicking.
Sep 14, 2013
Bradley Illinoiz
I've been in every build since I got here and have combed thru the archieves. I know who the best builders are/were (well I have an opinion...) and I think it's awesome to have you here building again. I was beginning to wonder if any of the heavyweights or crowd favorites were going to join in, and then RenMan and now KOTA are in, woohoo!

May 31, 2017
Kota! Im sure you dont recognize my name but several years ago i got a bike motor from you! I just "rejoined" today and ran across your post. Haven been on here for years myself...... so long i forgot my account info and had to start over hahaha.... Glad to hear you are back and wanting to get a build going again! Hope all is well (sounds like it is) and good luck with your newest project!