indian freebie!

Dec 31, 2011
Staples minnesota
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Today when I tagged along with my dad to the motorcycle shop, the owner mark stopped me and told me that if i could get this thing running i could keep it. Are you kidding me!? Heck yeah I took him up on that offer. But there are a few problems, one being the ratsnest of unused and home-insterted wires under the seat, two being the ignition switch was barbequed, and three, we have absolutely no idea what kind of Indian this is. Which makes it hard to find a wiring diagram. But hey, it's free. And I finally got a dirt bike that actually might run for once!!! Wooo!!

I've got more pics of it as I was taking it apart, but they're still uploading to photobucket. I'll edit them in in a moment

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Cool score! As a former owner of a 1979 Indian Moped I will say good luck finding parts. Here's the one I had.

Oh this might help you with identification and finding some parts and manuals :wink:

Looks like a Motori Minarelli P450 motor which would make it one of these three:
1. Papoose
2. JC54
3. SE-54
Nov 6, 2008
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jaydub said:
Thats a late 60s Minarelli engine made in Italy..Right shift.. Neat score ..I wasnt lucky enough to ride one as old as a kid mid 70s indians I know..LOL..Check out this site..

I guess my Wife is right I never Read Ok maybe just the last comment its all most the same..LOL