It's Bobbcycle time!

Apr 5, 2008
Sylmar Ca
Shoot if anything goes I'm building a frame for my 2 stroke motor........

I started out put my motor on a beach cruiser frame...

Then I started modifying the frame and swapping parts...
But I quickly got bored with it and decided I wanted it to be low and stretched..................

So I drew it our and started bending tubing...

Didn't know how to add the motor......had to order a longer chain too...

Now we're gettin somewhere....

Cut me some custom drop outs and I'm off

I don't have a jig so I have to use the back wheel to keep the back forks lined up...

I thing I got it...

That was hard to fit the top tubes together on this one...

But I like the way the bike is going to sit...
Ohhhh, I really, really like this one! I mean I really like it.
Those custom dropouts are awesome, and the curves it has, beautiful!

One thing thou, please tell me you are not keeping that tank!!
Wouldn't you mind if I throw my two cents in?
Looking at the frame, I think it could fit a wider horizontal tube as a fuel container, maybe shaped in the outside with fiber glass or metal sheets...

Please, don't think I´m underestimating your building skills, for what I´ve seen you probably can build your own tank, I now I cant, so I just threw in what seems easy to replace the stock tank with.
Keep up the good work!
Did I mentioned I really like this one? :wink:
looking good!

nice to see a motorized in the mix. i've been trying to come up with something like a slightly stretched frame that would have the engine behind the seatpost, closer to the rear wheel and out of the way. i'll be curious to see how you place the engine.
Aug 24, 2009
that is going to be a pretty nice bike know what i did on a few bikes i made with with them motor kits use a fatter top tube cap both ends drill and weld a nut were you want the petcock to be and do the same for the fill cap and use ur top tube for the tank . it will look good no matter what tank is on it
Sep 8, 2009
Frame looks superb not sure on the crank position? Knees up under your chin when pedalling by the look....not that you will be doing alot of pedalling i guess...

Sep 8, 2009
Adapt said:
Yah you're sort of right...the peddles were too far back...
I'm gonna move them forward about 3 inches...

If it was mine i would be looking to place it round about here--

Anywhere on the tube it is now though will give you a high knee level when crank is in the upward position, i have similar issues with my current project, i actually attached the bottom bracket yesterday also.

Best of luck

Sep 8, 2009
Adapt said:
Oh yah...Now I remember why I stopped posting a year ago....

No one ever likes my builds...Oh well...farewell my rat "friends"

The impression i get from my short stay here is motored builds aren't really appreciated or accepted that much, sad really, half the bikes i see here
look impossible to ride at any sort of speed and are dying for some form of motor to make them practical, hrmz..then again
i don't think 'practicality' is the main goal on alot of the builds :-S

I highly recommend you join up at moteredbikes members there would be druuuueling over you work mate...
its an extremely active forum with a HUGE member base, manly Americans who enjoy the 49 and 66cc China motors on bikes. Severe lack
of custom builds there though when one does pop up it gets HUGE accolades.

Well done from me anywayz mate, I think you have done an outstanding job..getz my vote :)

Sep 7, 2006
wow you think no one likes your builds? I love your builds and I am pretty sure there are many many others here that do too.
Just because you dont get 40 pages of posts doesnt mean people dont like it. I find it near impossible to even get all the posts read anymore let alone post on all of them