Join me on a Klunker ride behind my house

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The bike I used was the one I built for the 2016 RRB winter Off Road Build Off. It has studded tires for riding on the ice and you can see pieces of ice tossed up from my front wheel in the video. Braking on the hills requires a soft and constant scrubbing off of speed. It has a 1 x 6 drive line with a twist shift, which is the best for winter shifting. The last time these snow bike trails were hard enough for me to ride on with a skinny tired Klunker was 4 winters ago. These are very special conditions where it is hard enough for skinny tires. Four years ago we had a week of -20F and everyone riding and packing on it made it hard. This year it got very warm and turned to mush then got cold suddenly at night. The groomer went out at night to pack it before it turned to rutted ice. It was like a sidewalk, but narrow. On two hills I got going too slow and went into the soft stuff and got bogged down and had to push. If it is just packed snow and not ice and it gets above 0F it becomes too soft to support skinny tires and you can't ride at all. Then you need a fat bike. A very special and rare ride for me. I went down once and twisted my gooseneck, but a fat biker passed me and he crashed on the ice right in front of me so I didn't feel too bad.
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