Jude the newbie

Aug 17, 2019
Rating - 100%
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Hey guys,

I recently stumbled across your site and am totally stoked.

As I’ve built bikes over the years I think I’ve used some of your threads on finding rare parts or builld advice on bikes I was unfamiliar with. I’ve definitely seen bikes off this site as images on google searches or ideas from Pinterest.

I never put it together that the stuff I was looking at was actually connected to a super cool and highly active community! DUH!!!!

I’ve been following the RRBO14 and can’t wait to join your community. (Builds) I did vote. I’m Totally impressed with the builds and camaraderie. Super cool.

I’m Looking forward to not building alone anymore!!!!! My wife, kids and neighbors think I’m insane. After my builds are done, most people people give me the benefit of the doubt and chalk me up as a cycling fanatic. (I also ride at least a few thousand miles a year on an old TREK 3900)

Wife and kids still think I’m insane.

Thanks for having me in and I look forward to getting to know the peep’s in your community!!!!