The picture below is of the Klunker I made from the Jukadi components after I threw out the broken Jukadi frame. I rode this new Klunker in a 28 mile race today in memory of the Jukadi. I bent the pedal cages on both pedals but the axles are good. I am in the process of building another Jukadi frame and when it is finished I will strip this one and build up another Jukadi. The Klunker in the picture will be turned into a cruiser because I promised the person who gave it to me that I would build it closer to what it was like when her Father had it. The home built rear wheel with the too short spokes has not given me any problems and I beat the tar out of it. I really feel bad about not meeting my goal of racing a bike where I built as much of it as I could, pretty big disappointment.