Jumping in without a chute after 25 years

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Well that's it, after 25 years of puffing blue crap into my lungs, I've decided to quit smoking. I've decided that my new life as an ex-smoker will begin on this Wednesday the 16th of January. I've found an online support program sponsored by our health ministry that will be able to clinch it for me. I almost pulled it off last year, but you learn every time you fail. I figure I now have all the tools and even found myself a sponsor, my daughter :D So to the members who have quit, your words of encouragement are welcomed and to those who want to pull the plug, maybe we can help each other out. To the younger crowd here, don't ever start that crap, it's REAL hard to stop.

Many thanks



Mar 9, 2007
Southern Illinois
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i have :wink: but it was bout 13 years for me, honestly ive maybe bought 3 packs since that post and all were thrown away before they were out.

hang in there Gerry, youd be surprised how much better youll feel, best thing i ever did, plus now you can save your smoke $ for Brooks saddles and ape hangers :mrgreen:
Oct 8, 2007
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Power to you man. My dad quite many decades ago and said it was the hardest thing he ever did.

He went from cigs to a pipe to a toothpick. Better than a cigarette at least.
Jan 10, 2007
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i had my last cigarette on May 31st, 2007... so it's been about 7 months for me :D
i hope to never go back...

you can do it... :wink:

Oct 14, 2006
petaluma, CA
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Good job, man.
January 10 was three years with no cigarettes for me.
It's good to see another set of lips weaned off of the evil teats of death... slow suicide.
Besides my kids buggin me to quit all the time, I just had to remember,
that if I continued to smoke, I was continuing to kill myself.
I also didn't like being a mindless zombie slave to the tobacco industry.
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I've only smoked twice, and it was just like one huff each time, I did it because a girl I liked wanted me to try, or else I wouldn't get to make out with her! I was like 16-17 and havn't smoked since, that was a loooooong time ago... Now I'm much more mature at 19 :p ;)

Girls who smokes tastes bad, and smell bad!
Nov 28, 2007
Gainesville, Florida
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best of luck to you! my roommate was a real crab when he quit smoking too, he is a wuss tho, i have faith in you!

look at it this way, you'll save so much money that you can make the bike of you dreams :D
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Thanks a lot for the support guys. 30 hours to go before H hour. I'm already sick with the flu, so this should help :mrgreen: I'll keep you posted on the progress, but I truly feel that this is the good one. Besides, my daughter told me that if I start smoking again, she'll start smoking herself. She gets that kind of wicked thinking from her old man, so I believe her. Talk about motivation! Blackmail, but still very good motivation. :D
Sep 7, 2006
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goodluck! I have 30 years of chewing tobacco ugh.... I wish i could quit. I gave it up in 97 and in 99 i started just like I never quit.
its a love hate thing
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Just to let you guys know, I smoked my last one over 19 hours ago and managed not too kill anyone today. My nerves are OK, but I feel a bit tensed. Guess I'll have to work on that. Don't worry, I'm going to pull this off. :mrgreen:
Jun 28, 2007
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Good job and keep it up!!! My wife and I both quit at the same time last march and have never looked back. I'm even starting to breath a little better these days (I think). We both used Chantix, Had to get a prescription and it is pretty expensive but it really worked. (I think it will even help with Chewing too, one of the chewers I work with is looking into it, I'll let you know.)
Keep it up!!! You can do it!!!