Jun 5, 2012
Build Thread


Here is a pic that I didn't get posted before the lock
Heck I was lucky to get any pics posted
I was so behind that I had to do some compromising
so some detail stuff didn't get added to the bike
also I didn't have time to make the seat attach quite the way I wanted
It is functional but not ascetically appealing
I wanted the attachment level with the tank but i ran out of time to shorten the seat post so that was another compromise
and last where i wanted to do the photo shot closed early and plan B was to far away to make in time
So I rushed and found a spot near my apartment
So stay tuned as I will be adding some close up detail pics
as well as some other location shots

About Junk Crafted HIGGINS

Frame - 24" Columbia
Tank - 24" Columbia coffin style
Tank Pipes - crafted from handlebars and attached with hose clamps
Tank Emblem - 1951 Colorflow Rack emblems
Fork - 20" rattrap
(with custom lowering adapters)
Crank - Dahon spider and unknown chain ring
Tires - rear is an Inova 20x3 street hog WW / front is a basic 20x2.125
Seat post - crafted from a cut up single piece crank and what I believe to be a mountain bike seat post
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Jun 5, 2012
I had some time today before work so now that the seat post is in the correct location I did a quick photo shot at one of the locations I had originally wanted to use for the build off (I bet you can see why)
I also threw on the bars I had gotten for it in the first place but had misplaced them so i figured now would be good to see how they look on the bike


J unk C rafted


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