Jul 27, 2008


I had a blast doing this! Thanks!

Good Luck to all!

1. You can only enter one bike in the build off (can change bikes once if needed)
My Only Bike Entered...

2. Start a new post and use the bike name as the Subject.
Posted Build Sheet...

3. Must use factory altering of original frame structure
(grinding off fender tabs and cutting seat tube height is okay, just no major frame design changes).
Stock Frame...

4. Bike must not already be built.
Posted Build Sheet...

5. Must include before, progress, and after photos (all in one thread please)
Posted Build Sheet...

6. Bike must be ridable.
I took it for a nice ride yesterday to take photos...

7. Use any parts you rat = mo bettah!
I used parts I liked...

8. Parts can be attached any way you wish (includes welding).
I added parts the way I wished...

9. Paint must be applied by builder.
I applied paint to the chain gaurd and seat as well as the faux tank...

10. KEEP IT CHEAP...remember...IT'S A RAT ROD!!!!
I spent less than $20 total on the entire bike...
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Jul 27, 2008
Thanks guys! :D
Yeah, the spikes would really give you a jolt, remenicent of a mosh pit.
I should post a close-up of the pin striping...I guess I didn't get a real decent shot in there.
It was my first attempt at striping took a life of it's own :p
Jul 17, 2008
sandusky OH
Nice build, ranks high on my "most ratty" scale.
But I gotta' ask, is the headlite functional?
And if not, have you been pulled over for "open container"?
Jul 27, 2008
Here's the pinstriping on the seat up close :)
As far as the open container...
Who knows what cops will do if they're bored.
Fortunatly I live in a big city where the police have better things to do.
They are actually not a problem.
Dare I say...they are actually pretty cool about stuff. :eek: