Lady Jivaro

May 27, 2012
Re: Lady Jivaro (Mock up stage)

Very Nice... I would like to have a setup like yours. Cant wait to see this one finished!!!!
Apr 13, 2011
Southern California
Luke, My jig is working out Great! It was meant for custom motorcycle frames, but with a few modifications it can work for bikes too.

I had to make a special mount for the bottom bracket because it wasn't close enough to the frame. My plan was to just notch the frame and weld it in but it would've been too far for my wife. So I came up with this..

I also made a little piece to go in between the seat tube and the down tube.

Time to weld them in.

Uncle Stretch

Feb 9, 2008
Man its looking good.
You might ought to make a holder for a brush under your table
on your band saw. It will mess up the rubber on the wheels with the metal shavings
that are on the blade. If you clean the blade before it gets to those wheels, they last
longer. Just a tip. I learned the hard way.