LAST DITCH EFFORT (Procrastination at its finest!)

Dec 13, 2010
Norwalk, OH.
If you followed my build thread then you know that I had very little time these past few months to get this bike done. Long story short I had the better part of a long weekend to put this together. It wasn't at all what I had planned for this frame, but I just wanted to at least complete something this year!

Total cost for this year's build.
Bike - (ebay win) $87
wheels & Tires - $85
Miscellaneous parts- $6

Total cost for build $178. Not bad for a quick build. (imho)

Thanks for everyone who build a bike this year, there was some serious EYE CANDY being built. I got a lot of inspiration and words of encouragement from all of you!

Cheers! And Looking forward to RRBBO#9