Late 50's (?) Barn Bikes

Dec 2, 2018
Somers, Connecticut
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I drove out to pick up an old Hercules 3 speed and found these in the barn... I told my wife that, even though they followed me home against my will, I felt obligated to take care of them. I was told they were bought used in 1960/61. My guess is late 50's AMF built for one of the department stores, but I'm brand new at this. I didn't wipe them down to look for numbers yet, but the men's bike has a New Departure brake, the ladies' is a Bendix. Looking to learn. Thanks, Ken

I also took away a JC Penny Swinger banana seat bike, but that one will probably be a parts donor.
Jan 21, 2009
Mililani, Hawaii
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The blue bike is a Huffy, the serial number will peg the year, 1H would be a 1961 bike. 9H would be 1959.
The red bike is Murray made. Both look like they have original rims and all, except the chain guard and handlebars on the Murray. The paint on both will probably clean up nicely and they both look like late 50's early 60's.
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