let their be light

May 18, 2007
magnolia TEXAS!
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GinSonic said:
Any of you '80's era RRB'ers have six figures to spare? Here you go;

http://cgi.liveauctions.ebay.com/Origin ... enameZWDVW

BTW. Those lights look to really project some serious illumination.

My only beef with high powered bike light systems is the unclean, wires hangin' everywhere, look they have to them. However, the basket seems to mask that part of it.
Where's the battery?
yes just put them on and yes the wires suck but i have not cleaned them up but it is only if i go ride @ night so most of the time they wont even be on the bike
and the bat. is just laying in the basket i plan on velcroing the wires and bat. to basket