Nov 8, 2011
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I am going to post my first build in another thread soon. I was looking for some rims for my 61 Schwinn American when I cam upon this Hawthorne.
Turns out someone had put some Schwinn S2 rims w/ New Departure hubs. Here it is before I snatched the rims and fenders.
Now I am going to have to find rims for this and build it!
Can anyone ID mod/year? SN is E171868

May 20, 2009
Isle of Hope, GA
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Agreed, that blue looks awesome and works really well with the natural rubber colored pedals. Have you tried a honey colored seat/grips?

I'm not versed in Hawthornes and maybe the grips/seat are original or NOS, but I picked these up from eBay I thought they had a nice 'classic' look to them.


These are nice mix of black and brown:

In any case, your bike looks great!

Dr. T
Nov 2, 2011
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Here is my Hawthorne, I do not know anything about it other than it has been repainted at some point. I have pieced this thing together in this last week, just need to shorten my chain and it should be ready to go. I am not happy with the seat but it will have to do until I find a better era correct one. The wheels are JC Higgins, the fork is from a CWC Roadmaster, and the bars and stem are from a Schwinn. Also, the coke bottle grips came off of a Roadmaster as well, not sure what the chain ring is off of.
May 23, 2009
Augusta, KS
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Twin top bar in process of becoming a rider again. Still need an adult sized seat and grips.
Has some goofy light up pedals that work on 4C batteries each and a mercury switch. I'd sell em if anyone is interested.
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