LFC (Long Fork Cruiser) Finished!

LFC also happens to stand for my Favorite English Premiership team Liverpool Football Club,
so she will be red as a tribute to the best football club on the planet, You'll never walk alone!

Got a few of these frames in my stash, always like the curvy frames, if fact love curves full stop!

Had this for a while, used to be my daily until I made myself something a bit nicer.
Never liked the frame especially the extra tubes above the front sprocket, ugly

Plan is to mod both the above frames and come up with a long fork cruiser which
happens to fit in to the muscle bike theme, here is my sketch.

Going to try and keep this one simple and finish in time!
Re: [Muscle Bike Build-off] LFC (Long Fork Cruiser)

Determined to make the deadline with this one so will keep it simple.
Had a big day on the bikes today, some little jobs for other projects and also this LFC build, always
feel a bit nervous when I cut up a perfectly good frame.

Didn't like my original plan with the extra tube so went with the KISS method. (Keep It Simple Stupid)
To open up the gap from the cruiser frames top and bottom tube had to cut the seat post clear and
small wedge in the bottom of the seat tube, done this a few times on these frames.

Here she is, I'm going with this.
Aug 13, 2011
Re: LFC (Long Fork Cruiser)

Very nice. Either of those frames would work great for muscle. I like the simple design, good call.