LFC (Long Fork Cruiser) Finished!

Jan 10, 2013
Northville, Michigan
I really like your build!
I like the way you resolved the frame and fork, looks great w/ those handlebars. The red with the red seat looks great too. I like the whitewalls too (I aways like whitewalls) but I think I like it better with the black wall tires, looks more like a Muscle Bike to me.
Great job!
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In the words of a great Aussie band she's back in black, tyres that is. Had a day off so rode this thing around a fair bit, nice to ride with the smaller front wheel, comfortable and great brakes with the disk up front. Picture perfect day in the south pacific today no wind, well maybe 5 knots, 25c which is 77f in America, no snow here!

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