Lil' Pixie (updated 3-8-08)

:x I hate it when you spend all that time on an item.
I had planned on using it for my luggage rack. But the luggage rack I had isn't metal and there is no way of attaching it any other way. So off they go to the rack of metal to be used another time.

:idea: Oh but I could use this metal. Just have to do a little cutting. :D

Well they are turning out better than I had imagined I could get them to look! :)
Can't wait to see this all done and on Lil' Pixie.

Now its time to weld them together.
Boy that is looking pretty good.

Now clean up that top weld a little. This way I can clamp it down to weld the back and make sure that it doesn't warp on me.

Wow it is looking really good.

If you haven't figured it out yet, I am making this for the luggage rack. Time to cut down the rack that it is going to go on. (the rack is a little too long for Lil' Pixie)

I'll have to show you pictures of it all together another day.
I started not feeling to well so home we came.
Boneshaker said:
Ha!! You must eat wafer discs for breakfast!!! How many of those things did you burn thru makin the rack?
I used one completely up and started with another one.

Chainsaw was also using it on stuff he was doing, in between my breaks on working on the rack.

cashman said:
WoW!!! Gigs, you do some awsome metal fabrication!!! Great Going!!! Hope your feeling better!! You Go Girl!!!
Thanks, This was my first time trying this. I liked it alot, I can't wait to do more things with metal! :D

cman said:
CCR said:
new name consideration - "the heavy metal pixie"

this thread delivers !!!

I second that. great detailed pics of the build
:lol: Thank you very much. I like the name I picked out, but if I was going to change it that would be a good name for it.

Schwinnspastic said:
cool rack rock not many woman doing this kind of stuff 'round these parts
Thanks, I like to try new things. I grew up with all my uncles and Dad doing carpentry. So I love doing hands on work.

I also like to try new things.
My Grandpa signed me up for gun safety classes as soon as I was old enough. I was the first girl to take the class around here. 8) So I'm not afraid to try new things!
My step-Grandpa tried to teach me how to Carve wood. I say tried because, "he says be careful how you cut them legs out you don't cut yourself." :shock: A second later I was across the room at the sink with my thumb cut open.

sandalscout said:
HAHAHAHAHA, that looks great! Cool idea. indeed
Thank you very much.

ricksterr1221 said:
Gigs ur the.. Women! haha
:mrgreen: Thanks
I got over to the storage today and got a little more done.

I did a little mock up to see how the luggage rack is going to look.
Remember it is just a mock up. The top part will fit all the way against the bars when it is done.

Looking pretty good.

Well I did decide that it did need something else.
Here I am working on a little Idea for something. This I actually started working on awhile back.