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Oct 13, 2014
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Its a 1958 Maroon, Gold and Chrome X53 Western Flyer Super.

Another bike off the bucket list.

This first photo was the Ad photo by the seller. It had sat outside for a few years after a hoarder gained other projects and put this and many others on a back burner.

The story is as follows;

"It belonged to man here in South Knoxville Tennessee he got it when he was in his twenties and rode it to a job at Mead's Quarry where he used to bust rock and do General hard labor( the guy who you ended up buying it from actually lives just a 5 minute walk from there) it's now called ijams Nature Center now and he apparently on the bike until he was a little bit older and then I believe it got sold off when he passed away and that's when the guy you bought it from his name is Skip by the way ended up getting it in the condition that it's in aside from a little bit less rust I'm sure skip had plans on restoring it back to its Glory but he has hundreds and hundreds of different projects and this one just got pushed to the far left and eventually ended up losing its spot in the garage about 5 or 6 years ago and it has sat in the same spot within a pile of Greyhound Sears and Roebuck and radio flyer wagons on top of it" -David Adam Webb

After getting it home, I immediately had to know what it'd be like to ride, so a little adjustment here.. a borrowed part from another bike in the stable there.. (saddle and wheels off my Higgins Airflow, sprocket off my Partners '54 Hornet which was originally off a B6) and I got it riding.
I have a wheelset meant for it (keeping it non-stock skiptooth) that need some minor adjustment but I'm waiting on a saddle and another skip sprocket I like more before it gets it's permanent parts put on. Missing rear spear and reflector as well as the ever desirable Delta light.

I have the original bars but I just got these Fire Arrow bars in for another project I'm finishing before I even knew this project was coming, and I like it so much I'm gonna have to get another set for the other project. I can't see this bike without these now.


Here's how it sitting today;



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