LITTLE TOAD! RRBBO#14 Class 2. I'm out. :(

Nov 22, 2011
Sorry to hear about your misfortune. I see your post is a month or so old, hoping you got the teeth taken care of. I’ve had a couple wisdom teeth removed weren’t fun memories. Also hoping you are or were able to salvage and relocate your shop. Best of luck down there.

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Nov 17, 2012
Broken Hill, Australia
Wow! I wasn't jumping on RRB for a while, just trying to get things sorted, but I came back to so many nice messages, thank you all!

I will start with the teeth, finally got a letter saying that they had my forms and I was on the list for treatment, but the waiting time is about 5 months at the moment!
Thankfully all the swelling has gone down and the pain has mostly gone with it, only pain I have now is if something hits that area while eating, so I mostly just eat on the other side.
Now it is just a matter of waiting.

House hunt has been interesting...
The government introduced a law for new migrants that they have to send a certain amount of time in a "remote" area after arriving to take stress off the big cities, and of course these families who have just arrived have no means of getting a loan or buying a home so they are all forced on to the rental market.
The area where we lived is classed as remote, but in reality is not too bad, has all the amenities you would want and only 90 minutes from the state capital, so of course this area is attractive to settle in, meaning a huge amount of families looking for rentals in the area, which of course means prices go up...

Long story short, we were looking at places with 20 other groups at the same time for way too much money and the places were pretty rough, we applied for a few, but most never even checked our references or even bothered to call us back...

We were just about to give up and move interstate to a little mining town that really is in the middle of nowhere when we finally found a place!

It is with a little real estate company who advertises the places with the big websites, but only shows them to people who call in or request a viewing, and they only do one little town about 10km away from us.
Most of what they do would not work for me building stuff, just neighbors too close, or no shed, or some other issue, but, we did find a little townhouse for not too much money (still slightly more than what we were paying on the farm) that has the town hall on one side and shops on the other, so noise after hours is no issue, it doesn't have a shed, but does have a concrete slab where I am allowed to build one!
The shed would be only about the size I have now, and I wont have as much room for parts bikes, but we will make it work!

We get the keys on the 10th of July and have given notice here with our last day on the 17th, I will have to build my little workshop, but I should be back in to the build-off by the end of July hopefully!

Now I have to try and catch up on all the build progress I missed while I was away!


Nov 17, 2012
Broken Hill, Australia
How things change!

New place was a bust, we tried for a few days to get the smell out of it, but gave up and handed the keys back.
We think there must be birds living in the ceiling...
Thankfully they found someone else to rent it pretty quick, so we didn't lose much money.

Given up on finding a place around here that will work for us within our pensioner budget.

So we have taken the next option!

My parents are retiring in about 18 months but have already bought a home to retire to in a small mining town in the middle of the outback. That house is sitting empty until they move down, and in fact they have to get someone to stay there a few days every couple of months to keep the insurance current, so they have offered it to us rent free!


18 months of free rent means we can save for a house deposit and never have to go through this again! The town is also cheap to buy in, so we can buy a nice place with the all important 30x20 foot concrete floor workshop for around $70,000, which means repayments will be far lower than what we were paying in rent anyway.

It does mean I am out of this build-off though, timing is just crazy! :(

Spent the last three weeks boxing our stuff up ready for the 7 hour move north, clearing all my spare bikes and moving boxes into storage. Only keeping 3 or 4 bikes in total, got a couple there I want to build out and I kept my MasterSports 26" BMX as my main rider.


I kept the modded DiamondBack that has been built to vintage Mongoose MooseGoose specs in the hopes I will be allowed to use it in the upcoming 20" BO.

I still have plans for a 21" motorbike tired MTB, so I kept all the stuff for that too, but aside from that everything went to other people or recycling.
I even gave my growing collection of metallic muscle bike seat vinyls and leathers to my Brother-in-law to use in his mini bar area. :13:

I still intend to be on RRB a fair bit, it just may be a little sporadic, fitting around working on Dad and Mum's place and then hopefully on our own place.
I sold my old Datsun too, so at some point I hope to pick up a little truck or van to tinker with.

Got a cheap trailer cover on Facebook Marketplace, modified our trailer to fit it, just to keep the boxes dry on the trips up. (Probably 4 trips to get all our stuff up there we believe.)


Sad to see my little workshop empty and cleaned out though:


So yeah, massive changes happening in our lives at the moment, but the end result should be well worth it! :thumbsup:

Sorry about this build not getting done, but I gave all the parts to @kelvin hahnel, so you may see it return at some point.

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