Low 'N Ratty

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I picked up this bike last weekend...
It has a bunch of mismatched parts on it, but I saw potential.
Here's where I am so far...
I want to get the front of the banana seat right down on the frame and back a little further. I also need to either brace or ditch the rear fender. The paint was a MILE thick on it, so I used the old oven cleaner trick to see what I could do to the paint...I really like how the chain guard looks, so I'm going to try to age the frame and fork to match.
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Re: Quik 'N Ratty


Been seeing this since the paint treatment...slime green...red...Rat Fink!
So, got a little ratty on the chain guard...
First: I pencilled on my design

Then, I used a sharpie paint marker to darken my lines
And then...the paint
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Re: Quik 'N Ratty: Channelling Big Daddy

outskirtscustoms said:
Awesome work on the chain guard! Also how did you get the bend in the sissy bar? Does it effect it's weight capacity? Thinking of doing something similar to my low rider.
Thanks! I used my tubing roller to do it. There's a bit of flex there when I sit on it, but, I haven't put a chain on and ridden it, so that will be the test. The fender is bolted to the seat too, so, hopefully they work together to give me all the support my bottom needs!