Lowriding Ratter

Well this is my first build. I built a BMX 30yrs ago, but this is nothing like this.
A buddy of mine gave me a "Next Street BMX". I tired to give it to my daughter, but she didnt like it, so here I am. I found a set of bent chrome springer forks.
Cell pic.
Looked cool, but not Ratty enough! So i found Sting Ray sissy bar, Banana seat, And some big Ape Hangers.

Still not there!
Painted it Flat Black, hooked up the rear brake and added some chains...

Still no!
Here's my daughter on the lil Ratter.

She thinks its cool now. Cool enough to help out. Right now we Broke it down to paint. Every thing is Flat Black ecpt for the rims. We painted them Gloss Red. I'm pinstriping the frame. waiting on new rubber, 3" whitewall for the rear and a 1.5" whitewall on front, full ducktail fenders.
I shold have some of the pinstriping done tonight and I'll post pics up later.
Jan 30, 2009
Folsom, CA
........... how did you get the 8-ball so perfectly round, but still so small? my hand and brush don't seem to "get along" on those types of tight turns :oops:

looks FAR better than the stock orange!
Thanks udall. I do like the "WallyWorld" frames too.
On the 8 ball, well its a secret...haha. Its nice having a vinyl plotter. Just pull up what you want, rip it, stick it, paint in, peal it...DANG, I'M AN ARTEEEEEST! The next time I pinstripe something similar, I'll post up pics of it. Real simple, but not easy.

Why yes, yes these are some big pit driers.... :) Thank you.
Well... Had to order some parts, and wouldnt you know it, thier on "back order". They say I should have some of them by the 30th, and dont know on the rest. Oooh well, guess I wont make the deadline. I'll keep posting up, hope you enjoy the build, I know I will.

I'm goin to keep looking for all this at the swap mmets and loco shops around here, But come on, I'm in the "FRIGGIN" MidWest!!! :( :( :( :(
Well, I just received my tires and chain last night. mounted the tires and put the bike back together. Still need to install; Crank, chain, wrap the sissy bar and handle bars. Still waiting on parts. Drove around town today looking for parts( Midwest SUCKS!) couldnt find anything I needed.
Here are some pics from last night( excuse the mess, chose to build the bike instead of cleaning, wife is realllllly happy with me. Ooh well).
W/O Fork spring

W/ Fork spring

That´s really Loco mi Amigo!! I like it!

Don´t complaint about the mid west, at least you´re in the US!
I practically have to fabricate my own tires down here!!!
And for pin striping? Do you think I have proper brushes? I had to shave my goat to get stripes on my build, and they stink, besides my goat is really depressed now...
:lol: :lol: :lol:
Well, I know I havent posted in a while, but business has been boooooooming.
I finshed up the "Ratter" finally, I have a couple pics on the camera. I'll download them tomorrow.
It looks pretty cool, but, I dont know if its what i was looking for( stupid projects, thier never finnished or the dream. HAHA). I entered it in World of Wheels in Feb. I'll post up pics of that too.
Till tomorrow, laterz.