Manfred's chop shop version of a cycle truck. Not yet named

Alright guys! I am a lurker here and have finally decided to step up to the plate.

The motivation behind this trike is my mother. After my father passed away my mom moved into a small house about a half a mile away.. Well I just fired her lawn boy so I need to fill in. And that's how I am justifying this build to the wife!

The rear end will be a surprise for now. But I am going rat rod in this. Here is the pipe fitting "adapter". I will tell you this will be a fixed gear 3 speed with reverse!

My loving wife is in nursing school and unfortunately build time and study time overlap by about 98% so construction has been coming in spurts.

So far I am about 6 solid hours into it at this point.
I am going to attempt a flat bed this week. I found some beat up sheet metal in the form of 55 gallon trash cans. Hopefully I can build a functional bed and keep it looking long and low.

So skipping ahead a bit, I picked up a new chainring last night. Today I sandblasted the chrome off and started soaking it in vinegar.

This was my first attempt at bending the down tube last night. I later resorted to heat and my heavy rear end
So I am really striking out on the butt end of this thing. I whipped up a 26x32 flat deck.. Buts it's got no flow.. And it's boring. I want something low with the tires tucked up.. Gears are turning.. Thinking shopping cart....
Thanks guys. I did not need a sharp bend, just a nice flow. And I wanted it on edge. Heat did the trick.
I will let the cat out of the bag.....

I told you guys it was a heavyweight!
Works a madhouse right now! I think I am trailering the beast to work on Friday to hopefully rough in the bed a little further.. I need to get some dedicated time on this thing :|

Got the bed roughed in. It will get old pallet boards for the deck. Those will sit on top of the angle iron.
When I say roughed in, I only took it this far to figure mounting locations and how much to trim for the tires.

So far I am still within budget. 0$