Maybe running a show in Saratoga NY

Oct 5, 2006
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Well I might I don't know yet if im doing it or not yet... depends on the demand for one.. I've seen alot of cool bikes around Saratoga and thought i might try to reserve the parking lot of the saratoga auto museum. If so heres the idea
|Madracing Alley Presents |
|1st annual Saratoga Bike show@ SAM |
| |
|Hot Rods |
|Customs |
|Lowriders |
|Rat rods |
|Mountain bikes |
|Racer Bikes |
| |
|Drag racing if you feel like it. Its more of a show than a competition. |

This is just a thought for late track season when all the lowriders are out
If i can run it ill post that up here
Anyone here might show?