(MBBO 4 CLASS #1) WHEEL'N in the years

Sep 19, 2012
Southern Ohio
Well my first attempt at building a bike for the MBBO, "WHEEL'n in the years" is finished. I chose this bike because when I was a kid I always thought this bike was cool, a buddy of mine was the only kid in the neighborhood that had one.

When I was able to get this one through Ebay on the cheap I knew right away what I wanted to do with it. It started out chipped, scratched, rusted, tore up seat, and with a car steering wheel (looked like an old VW dune buggy steering wheel) mounted to it. I almost hated to fully restore it but I knew what color and vision in my head that I wanted for it.

After I tore it down, stripped it, and painted it I was really happy with the color. I bought an old Huffy chainguard that had the original Rally Bronze paint that was in nice condition so I had a buddy of mine match the color and it was pretty spot on.

Wanted to make something unique about the bike so I combined two seats into one by adding a Rally Bronze insert to a black metal flake Persons seat. I also machined two new Rail tube insert end caps out of hardened aircraft aluminum to replace the original plastic ones.

Assembly mock up went better than I thought.

The final pic's

Interested in seeing the build thread? Well here it is take a look from start to finish.

I remember seeing this Schwinn Krate ad when I was a kid and thought it was so cool because it had a Rail dragster in the background, but I had a Huffy Rail and always thought it would be cool if this ad did have a Huffy Wheel in it . . . . . . Soooooo

. . . . . . I added my grand daughter riding the "WHEEL'N IN THE YEARS" Huffy Wheel to the ad with the original ad description for the Huffy Wheel in the place of the Krate description.
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Sep 19, 2012
Southern Ohio
One more thing,
Thanks for all the help and support from all the RRB guys especially Jaxon, Crash, Rfeagleye, and Lukethejoker. Thanks for everything guys you really made this fun!
May 14, 2013
Boise, ID
Fantastic build, of course now I'm going to have a long talk with my wallet about why I make it cry all the time.

Off to go find a Wheel :forum:
Apr 14, 2015
Wow really nice job came out awesome ! I think This was huffy's answer to the sting ray . I would have had one ! This is show room quality

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Sep 19, 2012
Southern Ohio
Wow you did the seat too. Awesome, goes great with the paint job. Love that color.
I bought a Huffy Super Stock to restore for my Grandson that had a tore white person's seat with the Rally Bronze insert so I cut it out and glued it to the black seat I had picked up for this build.


Aug 5, 2010
Dear Santa,
You know , what,
I Wheelie want for

Super Job, man...
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Mar 26, 2012
Fairless Hills, PA
Super build! Beautiful, spectacular and awesome! Love it, love it, love it!
Very clean build. I can't stop looking at it. Muscle bike is defined in this build.
Sep 19, 2012
Southern Ohio
Well I don't want to over do it with pictures but after 3 weeks of overcast cloudy days the sun finally came out nice and bright in Ohio so I wanted to show better pic's of the paint because the silver metallic really shows through the candy when it's in sunlight making the color change depending on the angle.