MegaPixieRay RRBBO8 (Added some of the Finishing Details)

Dec 31, 2012
Brighton, MI
kingfish254 said:
I don't want to hijack Draco's build thread, but it looks like there have been some major structural elements removed from your Beast Felix!!! You may want to rethink going 30mph on that.
I also have to agree with what you said kingfish254... You should add a tube between the seat & chain stays going from the area just behind where it starts going straight back to the drop outs on each side of the bike.
Oct 1, 2013
Thanks guys. Didn't mean to mud up this thread with my problems...

The structural mod for between the top and bottom is already worked out with some steel tubing. I had to move the seat post over to the top of the shell where the chainstay met for motor clearance and so the chain would clear the fat tire.