MFP Pursuit - missed the deadline

I’ll throw this in for Class One. While I’ve got a lot ahead of me in class 2, this should be a fairly quick build and one that doesn’t create much noise - so late nights and early mornings and other times when the house should be quiet can be build time.

Here is the donor frame. Same cheap cruiser style frame as I used in last years build off.

Some other donor parts lurking in the pile.

Some inspiration. I’d like to build it in the cafe racer style and add my own paint scheme to be revealed in good time.

As with my other builds for Rat Rod bikes this will be a budget build using scrounged and cheap parts. I’ve spent $10 on some tyres and hope that will be about it except paint.
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Phase one. Strip and mock. Hmmm. Strip two bicycle frames down, then use parts to mock up and assess stance.

Looks ok. Proceed to phase 2. Think I’ll need to try some other bars. I’m also considering a rear hub motor for a little extra ‘pursuit’ motion. Just not sure the battery will fit in the frame without mods ie class 2, but I’ll be working in my class 2 later this week so might have to save the e part of this build until the build off is completed.

I had the idea for this build during last years build off but didn’t get around to starting it. Now I have a finish date I’ll try harder to get distracted from finishing it.
Thanks. I have a battery etc. picked up an incomplete conversion with bike for $250 last week. Spent a few ‘off build off’ hours removing the e-gear and putting the bike back together. Sold the bike this morning for $190 so I have a hub motor, battery and controls for $60. Just needs a charger. I haven’t test fitted the battery, but it just looks too big to work with the canti bars.
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Not a lot of actual progress, but I’ve decided on using the e-bike kit. That also means working out some brakes for the forks and using a disc brake on the back. Little internetting today and it seems feasible. Off to the community bike centre tomorrow to scrounge some parts.
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More mocking, but not significant progress. I’ve trimmed down the guards to what I think will work. Might shorten the back a little more. Also changed the bars over and found some forks - that have short steerers unfortunately. And the battery won’t fit in the frame. Does cutting the canti bars off mean I’m into class 2 territory or should I be finding another solution for pursuit power?
Sep 14, 2013
Bradley Illinoiz
A few ebikes conversions I've seen have the battery on a rack in the back. It's an opportunity to build an enclosure with some graphics or styling to match your theme. A second glance leads me to think that you might be able to hang it under the frame, positioned like a moto radiator would be. Is it an assembly of smaller batteries? If it is you might be able to build a custom box for them that fits in the space you want it to. Interested to see the fork build.


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Thanks Carl. I wasn’t keen on adding a rack, it’s all about style!

I found a solution to the battery problem. Frame swap (hopefully that isn’t infringing upon the rules). Other than disassembling and then mock-up I haven’t touched the first frame. I almost tripped over the solution on the floor in my garage, then discovered it doesn’t have any canti bars.
Mar 26, 2012
Maplewood, MN
Yep, one frame swap per build-off is the way I understand it. The cutting of the cantis would have been a frame modification, which I believe would have landed you in Class 2.

Carl's 'frame radiator' comment made me think of this, a current option in the e-bike world of production bikes.


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I’ve been a bit slack so progress is slow

Was trying to work out how to fix the shock to the second fork. The diameter of ge shaft was pretty close to 1”, then I noticed the base of the steerer tube was fatter. Lopped off the steerer, bored out the remaining tube a bit trimmed down the shock mounting eye and it fitted in neatly. Bit of a light weld, then some filler and it should look almost like it’a meant to be there.
Thanks. I’m just making it up as I go along. Preferring to buy tools and scrounge parts. Managed to pick up the big drill bit (15/16”) today as runout stock which was good, probably on runout because it’s imperial! I’m sure it’ll come in handy later as well somewhere.
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