Mike Wolfe of American Pickers & FELT Bicycles create the "Red Wolfe" Bike

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The people that complain about the $ have been shopping at walmart too much... but they should have put a springer or some other fork on it and not copied the phantom paint scheme.
Maybe the people that shop at walmart do so out of necessity, not everyone has the cash to throw at a bike ya know. I know people that WISH they could shop at walmart. :( Anyways I like it a bit, but theres no way I would toss that many bones at it, NO WAY!
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Sep 26, 2013
Chicago IL,
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I think its a cool bike but the front fork makes it look more modern. Being from someone who had input on the build and knowledge of vintage things it would of looked cool with a fork with truss rods and a long repo headlight on the fender...
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I'm not buying a $750 bike anytime soon, especially when I can buy $10 bikes all day long and ride after airing the tires...but I am cheeeeeep.
I sorta like Mike, his partner is a bit much at times. What they have done in my world is make haggling acceptable.Now when I offer less than asking price folks sort of expect it and don't look at me like I had big ones to ask them to cut their price.
As far as the Felt bike, not my style. Not that it means it won't sell.
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I think the bike is pretty good looking. Like others have said it would look better with the Abraham springer and some sort of headlight. My biggest complaint about the design would be that the scallop on the tank looks out of proportion some how. Like the base of it is too narrow compared to the height of the tank.

As far as price, sure it's expensive, but it's limited and a high end bike. I like the comparison that Steve did to a stingray. I wonder what the comparison would be to something more like a phantom.

I don't think the show really up the price of old bikes by that much, it's the people buying them at those prices that do. The market will dictate the value. I think what upsets us is that now people are generally better informed, and yes sometimes misinformed. The reality is that all of us, including myself, participating on this forum have raised the value more than any tv show. Guaranteed that a lots of people have found a bike in grandparents garage and googled the name that is on it. Googling almost any old bike will get you either here or a place like the cabe. People see that these things are valuable and desired and up goes the price.

I don't regularly watch the show but the times I have I've found it entertaining and enjoy watching the stuff they show. Of course it is scripted, if you want reality turn off the tv and walk out your front door. As far as Mike goes I say good on him. He's put a lot of effort into what he does and it's paying off, what's more American than that.
Mar 10, 2011
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let it beknown i have an early shelby built for gambles with that paint work,im watching aprogram on hitler,its a true reallity,togays reality shows are for entertainment,take out all the references to names and focus on the fact that capitalism is about making money,if you work hard and make money more power to you,there are 1000s of products for sale that i dont want,but i just dont buy them,i dont pickthem apart to justify why i dont buy them or because someis making lots of money,most reality shows ive seen have fake drama by non professinal actors,hopfully they wont do the drama thing between the ppl on this show,i find it entertaining and i like to see the stuff they find because i like that kind of stuff,im not concernted that they are also trying to make the show enter taining,i may pay money to go to a concert that you wouldnt,guess what?thats ok.now for somthing a little lighter,how bout a 20 inch limited bike for frank and somkind of flowerpower srep through forDanelle,lol lol
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May 14, 2012
Plainfield IL
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Frame reminds me of a Elgin. Will say, they have done some educating to people about how to work a deal, from both sides. I don't hate, and would probably have a blast hanging out with them.


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Oct 26, 2012
Anderson, Indiana
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Rat Rod....you got it right with your response.....no doubt! Sorry, just looks like a new, over-priced no character bike. I definitely would feel SOOO much better to be bringing home a true barn find of any significance...to be cleaned up and really appreciated for what it has endured to be resurrected! Did I just say that?

Rat Rod

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Dec 31, 1969
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Another thing to consider when comparing old vs. new cruisers is that these new bikes....especially the higher quality bikes like the top end Electras, Felt's, 3Gs, etc. have a tendency to ride better than the older bikes. I know some folks will swear by their vintage so and so, but these modern cruisers are much larger bikes with more comfortable riding geometry most of the time. I've ridden all three brands and you really get spoiled by the ride quality. You couldn't pay me enough to ride an old Typhoon around for more than about 10 minutes anymore. I love the way the vintage bikes look, the history behind them and the collectibility factor, but if I want to ride something I usually grab a modern cruiser with a 3 speed. WHAT DID HE JUST SAY?!?!?!?! :eek:


Nov 17, 2012
Broken Hill, Australia
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I love the way the vintage bikes look, the history behind them and the collectibility factor, but if I want to ride something I usually grab a modern cruiser with a 3 speed. WHAT DID HE JUST SAY?!?!?!?! :eek:
:13: Kaboom! And that is the end of ratrodbikes.com...



Oh, and +1 on the fork, that triple clamp set up is great on some bikes but is all wrong for this one...
Jan 12, 2013
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Good points made on all sides!
As far as liking or disliking someone based on their tv personality....duhme!
I really never considered sites like RRB, CABE, and Choparoes are essentially the drive that fueled the show to start....
So, like punk rock, we are mainstream now....
I still like the bike, only in tan and black, maybe cover the ancient rooster with a mooneyes sticker.
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I like the idea of designing a custom ride for Frank and Danielle..although maybe one would have to be a trike..

As far as the design of the bike Felt needs to offer a lighting package with era appropriate lighting perhaps upgraded to LED....the photoshopped pics with lights look so much better....I'm not digging the bobbed rear fender either. But if everyone designed only things I like we'd all be driving around in the same Deuce coupes...(not that that would be bad.lol)
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Feb 13, 2014
Cincinnati, Ohio
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I also think this bike should have more braking than a coaster brake on the rear. Perhaps a front drum brake would be a good thing (especially on a $750 bike)?


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Oct 2, 2012
Jacksonville, FL
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My Experience with these type bikes is It will sell OK and take a few years to go through the inventory. Then about 3 to 5 years from now you'll see people calling the Felt Dealers looking for them and the price on ebay will be as much or more than msrp. I could be wrong but I doubt it, price checked a 2010 SE Tennis Ball Yellow DC Quad lately. We couldn't give them away 3 years ago....LOL
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