Misfit RatRod

I only just discovered this site. Very cool.
I thought you all might enjoy my RatRod story...

In September, 2007 a bunch of us singlespeed racers from Misfit Psycles wanted to finish off our race season with a fun MTB relay race. So we signed up for the 'Corporate' category in the Dukes Fall 8-Hour relay.
Typically raced with everyone on their own bikes, we decided to mess with the format a bit and all race on a single bike. To give everyone else a chance... :wink:

We wanted something that would stand out and be noticed so i suggested a RatRod style. If i could build it, they would come... and i only had 2 weeks.

I started with a stock 2007 Misfit Psycles diSSent 29er singlespeed frame. I stripped of the existing graphics and made my own from red reflective tape. The frame was also pinstriped with auto tape and drilled and nut-serted many times to hold on the accessories.
Knowing of no 29" whitewall tires at the time, i made my own experimenting with different kinds of paint.
I bought a chainguard and made brackets to hold it on to the frame including a heavily modified e-mount front derailleur. Painted and pinstriped with tape again.
I also bought a set of 26" cruiser fenders and stretched them to fit. Bent brass rods were used to provide long enough struts. Also painted and pinstriped with a couple of extra handcut graphics. They were't used in the race however.
Most of the parts were spares from other bikes and the rims were painted red of course.
Chrome-capped skull gripped were killer on the hands.
And that sprung saddle was a bit wide for racing. And bouncy!

Despite starting late, and our self-imposed handicaps, we came very close to winning the category. Our silver medal for second place was hard-earned. And the team that won first place was worried for quite awhile during the race as we were so close. I'm sure they could hear our chain rattling against the chainguard... :D


Truth be told, i don't know anything about the car. Sorry! It just happened to be parked across the street for sale at the race venue. Despite already being late for the race, i couldn't resist stopping and getting some pics taken with it...

I think his whitewalls were fake too!


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Nov 20, 2008
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Gold Street Customs said:
Thats sweet !!! I love how the fenders came out. So....what is that 56 ? some wierd Canadian thing or is that a custom grill ?
I do think it is a "Canadian thing"

business first......... did you post a Intro?

Second....What paint did you use on the tires and how well did it hold up? :wink:

Last but not least....... sweet bike! :mrgreen: love the action pics!
deorman said:
I'm not sure why you posted this in the finished build-off thread :? , but welcome aboard.
Sorry guys. As you know i am brand new and in my stoked-edness (it is so a word...) i misplaced my first post. I was originally going to post it on the 'BIKE GALLERY' section but when i read the rules for "POST PHOTOS HERE FOR THE GALLERY PAGE" it said not to post comments; only pics and a title. And i wanted to tell my little story... I didn't realize that those rules applied to that sub-section only.... And then I guess i got sucked in by the "Post your finished bikes here" comment for this section in my haste. My bad.

I'd be happy to re-locate the post (if i was given a hint how - delete post and then re-post?) and/or give permission to have it moved for me...

Sorry again. :(