Mob Rules - initial mock-up pics

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Aug 7, 2013
streetpirate said:
The plan is a 20" fixed gear Bianchi.

Ive had this frame a while but never knew what to do with it. I believe it is a 1960-something, either late 60s or possibly one of the first Bianchi city bikes? It has all the aspects of a regular folder but without the center hinge. I've never been able to find a picture of one like it.

I picked up a cheap Schwinn Exerciser and have been thinking of using the fixed gear wheel on a project. I've never ridden a fixed gear so this will be a new experience.
Following hipster velo trends, I plan on using an ACS 5 spoke wheel up front and the plastic discs on the rear. Everything chromed on the bike except the headbadge is terribly pitted and the frame has a bit of surface rust. I'm still thinking of paint ideas.

I've kind of mocked this up once or twice in the last few months anticipating the build off, and I stripped the frame down a long time ago so I will start with pictures of the initial mock up with just the parts I have laying around. Bars will definitely change.

---image placeholder---

I'll get some pics up tomorrow, I just wanted to get this started now because I started de-rusting bearings today.

i dont know how to load pics but here is the folding type of your frame.
come to find out many companies used this frame with numerous setups.
mine is a italvelo bologna compact.
picked it up from goodwill, noticed the strumey archer and i liked the grips on it.