Monark Silver King

Apr 30, 2007
Often called the king of all bikes, the Monark silverking was the very first aluminum bike. It is a very rare bike, and I just found mine in a barn. I think, it is just missing enough parts to be a rat.

Sep 3, 2006
If the Rocketeer rode a bike, it'd be that one.

Art Deco and similar style was one of the things that led me into the art world so how can I not like this bike?

Nov 30, 2006
sacramento, ca
awsome find and i would jsut leave it as is. yea deff a rat with out the fenders and those slick tires. i have always thought that the monark silver kings literally are at the top of the vintage bike hobby. maybe only surpassed by the elgin twin bar, or a bowden spaceliner. but the silver king was unique in that of these three this was literally a pionner and showed what the future of bikes would become. ever tried to go look for a steel frame bike these days? lol they are all aluminum now but wayyyyy back monark did it first and also came out with some of the most stunning bikes ever. to all however these bikes are somewhat fragile and prone to cracks so if you see a killer deal on one take a close look at it before buying. personally i always wanted to find a cracked frame just so that i would not feel bad ratting it by sending the frame and having it show polished. awsome bike .
Apr 30, 2007
I talk to a guy and he said that this is a 40 or 41 because 1939 was the first year for this bike and 41 was the last year. They changed the springer in 1940 and this one is a newer model springer. He told me that there is only two doezen 26X known. He also has parts available so when I stumble across $400 I might get fenders :D
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